What is Cellulite?

The best approach to treating cellulite, is to first understand the causal factors and the science behind them.

Cellulite takes shape when the fat cells gather and push upwards against the skin even as other connective tissues get pulled downwards. This push – and – pull process results in giving an unsightly, uneven texture to the skin surface. The stomach, hips and thighs are the most common skin areas that cellulite tends to form.

Cellulite affects mainly women. Women suffer from cellulite due to the difference in fat distribution, muscle, and connective tissue. For men, the fibrous septa holding the subcutaneous fat are arranged in a lattice pattern, and they are shaped in a parallel pattern for women.

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As we age, these connective tissue septa tend to lose their elasticity and grow shorter. Similarly, the subcutaneous fat begins to accumulate, and the skin becomes thinner as we lose collagen. As a result, the fat bulges through to create unsightly nodules on the skin surface. Circulatory insufficiency and inadequate lymphatic drainage are other minor causes for the formation of cellulite.

It is a common misconception that cellulite will disappear with weight loss. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case. While fatty tissue and volume might be lost or reduced, it does not affect the appearance of cellulite as the skin changes on the upper levels of the skin.

Types of Cellulite

Cellulite can be classified under three grades, depending on the severity of the condition:

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Grade One

Cellulite of this grade refers to the formation and visibility of dimpled skin and only appears when you pinch the skin or when the skin is under compression.

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Grade Two

Cellulite of this grade refers to the formation of dimpled skin that appears when you’re standing up but when you lie down, it disappears.

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Grade Three

Cellulite of this grade refers to dimpled skin in all positions, where nodules appear whether you are lying down or standing up.

Thankfully, there are solutions that you could explore to help you combat cellulite in no time.

Vanish Cellulite Treatment

Eliminate unsightly cellulite (also known as “orange peel skin”) with our Vanish Cellulite Treatment. This completely safe treatment utilizes laser thermal, microwaves, and high-energy shockwaves to produce fast and visible results.

The treatment aim to target three major areas:

  • Fibrous Tissue Septa (connects the dermis to the underlying fascia)
  • Subcutaneous Fat
  • Skin Quality

This treatment utilizes high energy to stimulate collagen production, improve blood circulation and break down subcutaneous fat in the targeted areas – without damaging surrounding tissues. The result is two-fold – a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and firmer, smoother skin.

Within weeks, you could regain your beautiful, bikini-ready body and flaunt your confidence in any outfit!

How Does The Treatment Work?

The non-surgical treatment plan consists of using laser thermolysis machine that heats up the fat to 47°C to permanently destroy fat cells and a microwave machine that penetrates deeper than radio frequency machines. These are more effective for treating fibrous septa and permanent fat reduction. It also helps to stimulate fibroblast to grow more collagen and elastin, firming and tightening up the skin.

We also use a high-energy radial shockwave that consists of 2 components – a positive pressure pulse and a comparatively smaller tensile wave component as a complementary treatment.

The shockwave squeezes the surrounding tissue and breaks the grid structure of the molecules, while the tensile wave collapses gas bubbles within the fat structures (cavitation) – which re-expands after the high energy radial shockwaves hit them, resulting in a destabilization of fat structures.

Visible results can be seen and felt within a few treatments. The skin is firmer, smoother, and looks healthier. Cellulite and stretch marks will be noticeably reduced or even eliminated.

In just a few short weeks, you could once again be wearing your favorite outfits with the confidence of having beautiful, cellulite-free skin!