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Here’s How to Lose Body Fat the Painless Way

It’s a fast life, and people are in a hurry – to go places, to do things, to get results. If you’re looking to get back in shape, but just can’t spare the time for elaborate diet regimens, and workout programs, you’ll agree too. Fat accumulation is a part and parcel of the ageing process. As we move from our younger days towards midlife, it gets progressively difficult to lose weight and maintain a toned body. Invariably you’ll find that even dieting and physical workouts do not help much beyond a point.

After the age of 5, your body no longer creates new fat cells. In other words, the fat cell count remains relatively constant. As a result, any weight that you gain or lose will only alter the dimensions of the fat cells. For instance, if you put on weight, your fat cells bloat accordingly, and shrink when you lose weight.

While surgical procedures like liposuction do address the issue, the attendant issues of pain, downtime, scars, and the expenses involved, discourage most people from considering these options. On the other hand, there are non-surgical options for fat-reduction too.  Apart from being minimally invasive in nature, these treatment procedures are fast, convenient, safe and effective in body shaping.

The process basically involves targeting problem areas with energy beams that generate high temperatures or using cryotherapy devices that use very low temperatures to break down the fat cells there. This reduces the number of fat cells and therefore the dimensions of the fat located between the outer skin, and the muscle beneath it. How to lose stubborn fats without surgery? Well, there are several US FDA approved non-surgical fat reduction procedures which help in reducing fat and improve body contours. These include laser, cryolipolysis, HIFU, and other technologies. These non-invasive fat-reduction treatments lead to enduring results after the body expels excess fats as part of your body’s natural waste removal process.

Non-surgical fat reduction treatments are very effective for stubborn fat removal and downsizing stubborn pockets of fat a.k.a male ‘boobs’ that usually do not respond to physical workouts, for instance gynecomastia. These treatments are also a good option for people who are moderately overweight and therefore do not require substantial reshaping or body sculpting in the target areas.

The benefits of non-surgical fat reduction include:
  • Negligible downtime
    In today’s fast-paced environment, where every minute counts, non-surgical fat reduction treatments are a boon for time-starved people, as the downtimes range from none to very little
  • No incisions, no scars, no general anesthesia
    Compared to surgical options, these treatments are virtually painless, bloodless, and don’t require general anesthesia
  • Minimal side-effects are the norm
    With no surgery or general anesthetics used in the procedures, the possibility of side effects is greatly reduced.
  • Treatment allows discreetness
    Since the results emerge gradually, others will not easily recognize that the patient has undergone a fat reduction procedure.
  • Results are permanent
    Fat cells are not regenerated after they have been destroyed and excreted from the body.
  • Multiple applications
    Apart from helping you lose fat, these procedures can be repeated for better results. There are other cosmetic benefits such as skin tightening, and smoothening the cellulite.
The types of non-invasive fat reduction treatments

This non-invasive technology, a well-known example is Coolsculpting, reduces fat pockets by targeting and breaking down fat cells, with extremely cold or low temperatures.  The fat freezing procedure involves positioning a cupped, or a paneled device onto the skin surface in the treatment zone. Thereafter, the device emits very low temperatures that freeze and destroy the fat cells. The surrounding skin, muscle, and nerve tissues remain unharmed however, as their freezing points are lower than that of the fat cells.

Usually, the treatment sessions last between 30 minutes to an hour, one or two treatment sessions are usually sufficient for most body parts. Cryolipolysis is suitable for reducing fat in areas such as the abdomenflanks, below the chin, the upper arm fat, and under the buttocks. Other areas where it can show results include the back to reduce bra fatinner thigh, and outer thigh.

The results begin to emerge as early as a month after the procedure, and maximum results can be expected to be seen after 2 to 3 months. It is a wonderful feeling to know that ungainly fat deposits have virtually disappeared from hard-to-reach areas under the buttocks, and even in conditions such as post-pregnancy tummy, also known as post-partum belly. The results will remain in place so long as there is no substantial weight gain.

Powered by Freeze Detect® Technology, intelligent sensors constantly scan the treatment zone, so that the CoolSculpting device is on auto-alert mode and its CoolControl® Technology swings into action if ever the skin is in danger of freezing. As a result, you can rest assured that your skin is safe throughout the procedure.  

Laser Thermolysis Treatment

Laser thermolysis treatment uses controlled heat or high temperatures to target and destroy the subcutaneous fat located between the skin surface, and the underlying muscle layer.

The non-invasive FDA approved Sculpsure equipment emits lasers of a specific wavelength, which travel harmlessly through the skin, reach the fatty tissues, heating them to the point where fat cells disintegrate to finally exit the body through the lymphatic drainage system. A patented cooling mechanism working alongside to provide comfort and also protects the skin from damage during the entire process.

Moreover, the SculpSure treatment has a beneficial impact on the skin tone of the treated areas. This is because laser thermolysis boosts collagen production, which builds up skin quality in terms of strength, suppleness, and brilliance. The treatment revives the skin’s natural healing tendencies, so that fine lines and skin get filled up. Further, wrinkles also get repaired as the lasers stimulate the blood vessels to their original levels of functionality.

In a nutshell, cellulite is the fat deposits situated just below your skin. The cellulite pushes against the adjoining connective tissue, leading to a puckering effect.

Another advantage of laser thermolysis is that the skin texture improvements and fat cell destruction with the Sculpture treatment attacks the cellulite too.

Microwave Technology

ONDA, with its non-invasive action, is used to induce regeneration and toning action on the excess fat and skin. Powered by the Coolwaves, DEKA patented microwaves technology, it is considered as an alternative to radiofrequency-based procedures for skin toning and tightening treatment.

This equipment is ideal for cutting down localized adipose deposits, especially in the abdominal, thigh and hip areas. It is used in place of Radiofrequency for tightening and skin toning, microwaves penetrate deeper than radiofrequency waves. This can be used as an alternative or in combination with other treatments such as cryolipolysis or laser thermolysis.

Apart from promoting collagen generation, the technology boosts metabolic processes at the cellular level. It is particularly effective in the abdomen, thigh, and trochanter areas. Thanks to its deep, penetrative action on the sub-cutaneous adipose cells, localized fat deposits get easily dissolved. The technology also reduces the ‘orange peel’ effect as the device stimulates the connective tissues in the vicinity of the adipose lobules. Lastly, it helps in collagen production by contracting the collagen fibers in the dermis.   

HIFU Body Technology – uses high intensity focused ultrasound waves to destroy the subcutaneous fat located in the treatment zone, resulting in fat destruction that the body metabolizes and expels gradually. The overall result is a significant reduction in the size of fat deposits in the target area. The ultrasound energy passes through the skin, and breaks down the targeted fat cells, by causing rapid pressure changes, even as the adjoining tissues remain unscathed. It also helps reduce skin laxity since collagen gets regenerated during the process.

The ultrasound treatments are recommended for use on small areas such as the axillary region, and knees. The procedure has no downtimes, patients can return to their daily activity immediately after the procedure and results are noticed gradually, beginning at around 6 weeks and peaking at 12 weeks after the procedure. Doctors usually recommend between 1 and 3 sessions, at 2-week intervals. Results are long-lasting as long as there is no significant weight gain made by the patient after the treatment.

Find the best non-surgical fat reduction treatment near you

Wondering how to go about reducing your body fat the non-surgical way? It’s quite easy actually. The thumb rule is to look for a facility that specializes in non-invasive, fat reduction treatment and comes equipped with a wide range of equipment. The Ensoul Body Medical Clinic has among the widest selection of procedures for body contouring, Singapore residents and beyond should consider exploring the various options of non-surgical fat reduction. Keeping the patients’ privacy and convenience in mind, detailed body assessment, and measurement, are done by female master body sculptors.

Coming ahead of a detailed consultation with Dr Kenneth Thean, the body assessment helps assess if non-surgical body contouring treatments are suitable for you. The information is the first step in your journey to that contoured physique and chiseled looks that you have been dreaming of! 



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