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Get the Slim Legs of Your Dreams: Here’s How

Long legs that never end – a common description for people who look tall and graceful. Interestingly many people who seem tall are actually not so. The secret of their elegant looks are their slim thighs. It’s a known fact that excess weight and body fat make us look short and bulky.

Thick, and stumpy inner thighs and outer thighs can actually make you appear short and unattractive. Moral of the story is, you don’t have to be particularly tall, to carry off the tall and slim look – all you need are toned and slim thighs. No matter how tall or short you are, lose weight and lose fat in the right places and nothing can stop you from carrying off the slim and tall look with panache.

Why Your Thighs Attract Fat Deposits

Gender and genetics have been identified as the prime causes of fat accumulation on our thighs. In younger women, it is the high estrogen levels that influence the production of fat cells and their distribution in areas such as the thighs and buttocks. In menopausal women, it is hormonal changes that leads to fat accumulation in women.

A sedentary lifestyle, where the legs are not exercised enough, can make muscles inactive, causing fat to accumulate in the legs and thighs.  And finally, gorging on high-fat junk foods, can pile up the fat on your thighs.

Non-invasive is the Way Forward

But losing weight and acquiring that toned body is easier said than done when you rely upon the usual methods like fancy and tedious workout sessions.  Stubborn fat removal from particular areas of the body, such as under the buttocks, and the thighs, can be a daunting task, and calls for specialized methods that are scientific, convenient, painless, and show tangible results.

Energy-based devices offer non-surgical solutions for effective body sculpting with minimum downtime and maximum effects. Achieving the perfect measurement with effective body contouring, Medical Director of Ensoul Body Clinic, Dr Kenneth Thean says, has become very convenient and easy today, thanks to techniques such as fat freezing, and laser thermolysis.

Fat reduction: Simplified

In nonsurgical fat reduction procedures, specialized energy-based equipment is used to target specific areas of fat deposits, in places such as the flanksabdomen, and also conditions known as bra fat and arm fat. The devices ranging from cryotherapy, microwave, ultrasound, and lasers, produce energy to create controlled fat cell injury at the subcutaneous levels, in specified areas of the body. At present, non-surgical fat reduction treatment procedures are mostly done with either high temperatures, or extremely cold ‘cryo’ devices.

Both treatment systems are outpatient procedures with low downtimes and are found to be highly effective in reducing stubborn fat deposits and improving the body contours. These treatments are recommended for people having undesirable fat deposits, but not keen on undergoing surgical procedures.

Let’s break it down for you:

Cryolipolysis – A non-invasive fat reduction treatment that is derived from the frostbite principle, but in a totally controlled and safe manner.  Extremely low or ‘cryo’ temperatures are used to chill and destroy fat cells, without affecting the surrounding skin, muscles and tissues that remain unscathed due to their lower freezing points. This disrupts fat using a form of controlled frostbite. In simple terms, the cells freeze and die before the cryogenic temperatures begin to affect the skin. Thereafter the frozen fat disintegrates and is gradually flushed away through the body’s lymphatic drainage system. This treatment is commonly done with CoolSculpting technology devices, and usually a session lasts around 30 to 40 minutes per thigh.

A trained doctor performs the procedure with the help of an applicator that somewhat resembles a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

During the procedure, the doctor attaches a gel pad and applicator, along the inner thighs. While the applicator directs controlled cooling to the fat in the thigh area, the doctor applies suction and cooling technology to the target area, by sliding the device over the skin surface.

CoolSculpting treatment comes backed by two unique technologies that ensure your skin’s safety during the procedure. The CoolControl® feature continuously monitors the patient’s body temperature and constantly adjusts the applicator in real time, which allows appropriate precise treatment temperatures to be maintained, and obtain uniform results. Similarly, the Freeze Detect® technology detects any potential freeze scenarios that the skin might encounter, and immediately stops treatment to protect the tissues from suffering damage.

Laser Treatment – Here, controlled thermal energy is generated using lasers of specific wavelengths. The energy thus generated is used to target the fat deposits in the thigh area. The heat destroys the fat cells in the specified area. These damaged fat cells are then expelled from the body through the body’s inbuilt waste disposal system. The surrounding skin, muscle and nerve tissues remain safe as a constant surface cooling mechanism protects them during the procedure, usually conducted with US FDA-cleared SculpSure devices.

These treatment sessions are usually around 25 minutes, with results manifesting by the 6th week. The best results are, however, evident in the 12th week after the procedure is done.

One added advantage of this laser fat reduction treatment is that the skin quality is improved and the appearance of unsightly cellulite is much diminished.

A Systematic Look at Fat Reduction in the Legs ​

Inner Thigh Area: Fat bulges along the inner thigh fat cause pain and discomfort due to friction caused by the thighs rubbing against each other, while walking. Moreover, this part of the thighs are not easily targeted by most physical workouts.

Outer Thigh Area: Fat accumulates on the outer thigh area to form what are colloquially known as ‘saddlebags,’ that stand out disproportionately, giving the body a skewed look.

Thigh Circumference: Apart from reducing fat deposits in the inner and outer thigh areas, it’s important that the thighs sport a toned and sculpted look. This is achieved by normalizing the thigh circumference.

Choosing your Treatment Made Easy

Attractive, slim-looking legs can certainly be yours. But availing the best advice and treatment is important for best results and peace of mind. It involves a detailed body assessment, followed by evaluating the choices and deciding the appropriate treatment combinations. 

That is why, the right body sculptor, the right clinic can make all the difference in this regard. Ultimately, it’s all about precision and expertise – areas that Ensoul Body Medical Clinic has earned its reputation. Fix up an appointment, and Dr Kenneth Thean will be happy to clarify your queries on safe and effective ways to slim & tone your legs. Remember, half an hour can pave your way to those never-ending long legs that are a delight to see!



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