How to Lose Your Stubborn Belly Fat

Belly and abdominal fat reduction can be quite difficult to burn. In fact, burning lower or upper belly and tummy fat loss take place at a slower rate than fat in other parts of the body. While there may be several factors that might contribute to this, recognizing the types of the fat present could be the key to successfully losing that stubborn belly and abdominal fat reduction.

Abdominal fat is divided into two areas – Subcutaneous Fat and Visceral Fat

Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous fat refers to the fat that sits just under the skin, which you can see, feel and pinch such as your belly or tummy. Excess subcutaneous fat is often developed based on factors such as genetics and lifestyle habits such as physical activity and diet.

Visceral Fat

The other storage fat is known as visceral fat and it cannot be seen on the surface of the skin. Visceral fat is wrapped around abdominal organs, usually located near several vital organs such as the liver, stomach, and intestines. An excess of visceral fat can also actively increase the risk of serious health problems and the only definitive method to visualize visceral fat is with a CT or MRI scan.

Upper Belly and lower abdominal fat are common in both men and women. It can occur due to unhealthy dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles, and especially after childbirth in women. During pregnancy, a woman’s body expands to accommodate a growing baby, as well as to prepare the body for the demands of labour.

The most common issues faced by women post-pregnancy are loose or sagging skin around the belly, excess fat, stretch marks as well as cellulite.

a photo of subcutaneous fat
an image of visceral fat

Get Rid of Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting®

Why Should I Seek Treatment for Abdominal Fat Reduction?

Life can get so hectic that you can sometimes pile on the fat and without even realising it. But if you’ve begun to feel like your belly and tummy fat is getting in the way of you being flexible, attractive, and most importantly healthy, it may be time to do something about it.

Feel Better with Abdominal Fat Reduction

Reasonable levels of fat save the body from the drudgery of carrying more weight than necessary. When your belly and tummy fat is minimal, it means so much less weight for your body to carry around! A lighter you means you are faster on your feet, and more active. All this translates into an active metabolic rate that is working hard even when your body is at rest. So, finally losing that stubborn belly and abdominal fat does help in making you feel better overall.

Dress More Confidently

Sometimes all it takes is a great outfit to give you that boost of confidence to get up and get moving. When you feel good about yourself, you’ll be able to put the best version of yourself out into the world. That said, a bulging tummy or belly fat may make you look awkward, sometimes, even in the best of clothes. When you look better, you feel better. So dress for the part you want to fill and show the world an authentic version of you.

How To Know if You Have Too Much Belly and Abdominal Fat?

Get Dressed

One of the most obvious signs of weight gain is when the clothes that used to fit you comfortably start feeling tight around your abdomen, or worse, it might no longer fit you anymore. One of the more telling pieces of clothing to try on would be your pants. If they’re settling down a bit too snuggly for comfort around your midsection or buttoning them requires you to suck your tummy in, it’s usually an indication that might have gained a few.

Numbers don’t lie

When in doubt, all you need is a tape measure. This is a good way to measure fat around your abdomen. For a more accurate reading, wrap the tape measure around the waist midpoint between your ribs and the top of your hips. While this method is not a precise measurement of whether you are carrying too much fat around your belly, it works as an easy way to find out if you’ve gained inches around your midsection.

Body mass index (BMI) 

BMI is used to work out if you are in a healthy weight range and this is calculated by taking a person’s weight in kg and dividing it by their height in cm squared. You can easily calculate your BMI with an online calculator by keying in your height and weight measurements. It is quite possible that despite a healthy BMI, some people may be carrying excess fat in their bodies.

Our detailed body assessment offers a full analysis that takes into consideration your BMI as well as your body fat percentage. The report is also able to determine where the body fat is most concentrated in the body.

Lifestyle Habits that May Be Causing Belly and Abdominal Fat

Eating too quickly 

It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s had enough, and if you’re shoving down your food during mealtimes, you might end up consuming more than you really need. A study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association1 has found that slow eaters took in 66 fewer calories per meal, but compared to fast eaters, they felt like they had eaten more.

Always Taking the Lift 

You just got out of the carpark. The shopping streets are just one level above. The door leading to the stairs is right in front of you. Yet, you find yourself walking straight to the lift lobby. Not only should you be ditching the lift but find another excuse to take the stairs. Using the stairs burn twice as many calories, it may be tough at first, but it helps to keep burn off the calories you’re consuming throughout the day.

Uncle, Kopi Gah Dai

Kopi Gah Dai refers to black coffee with extra condensed milk, and if this is your regular coffee order, it might very well be the reason why you might be gaining a few in the midsection. Excess sugar in your diet can cause your blood sugar to spike and crash – which makes you crave unhealthy food which ultimately leads to weight gain.

According to a 2017 study2, researchers found that nearly 70% of coffee drinkers drink coffee with added sugar and creamers; out of these people, close to 16% of their caloric intake came from sipping on their coffee. That 16% is equivalent to an additional 70 calories a day than non-coffee drinkers.

Skipping Meals 

Sometimes when you start getting busy, you might end up skipping a meal or two. You might think that this could help with helping you lose some inches, but this actually slows down your metabolism and boosts your hunger, putting your body in prime abdominal-fat storage mode, increasing the likelihood of overeating at the next meal.

If you haven’t been guilty of any of the above, we admire you for your discipline. Despite your best efforts, getting rid of those stubborn fat deposits usually calls for some external interventions.

Belly Fat Reduction with Body Sculpting

Body sculpting treatments work to only target subcutaneous fat that lies under the skin and contours the physique by removing the excess fat cells without the need for surgery.

Aside from the oldest option of fat removal treatment which involves going under the knife, you can now consider non-invasive options such as Cryolipolyisis (Fat Freezing) or Laser Thermolysis (Fat Burning) for the belly and abdominal fat reduction.


CoolSculpting is a fat freezing treatment that uses cryolipolysis and it is the first of its kind to be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration3 (FDA) with over 50 peer-reviewed medical papers conducted on the science of cryolipolysis and results of CoolSculpting.

It uses temperatures that range from -11° C to -13° C to target the fat cells under controlled conditions4. Under the impact of extremely low temperatures, the fat cells in the targeted areas crystallize up to 27% *of the body fat in the specific areas and die5. The crystallized (frozen) fat cells are then eliminated naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.

*Although these results are typical, they vary from person to person.

Get Rid of Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting®

How does CoolSculpting Work?

Abdominal Fat Reduction Process

Get rid of belly fat | Ensoul Medical Clinic


You will start with a detailed consultation to understand your areas of concern and fat reduction goals. It is important for you to understand the processes and outcomes of the procedures.

After the detailed body assessment is completed by our Master Body Sculptor, the appropriate treatment plan and the results you can expect from this procedure will be presented to you.

The body assessment will take into account your needs and goals as well as consultation session will assess aspects such as diet habits, physical activity routines, apart from your general aesthetic goals.

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Before Treatment

For upper and lower belly fat reduction, our Master Body Sculptor will identify the appropriate applicators for the targeted areas. Once this is complete, the treatment areas are then marked by our Master Body Sculptor to ensure that the accurate amount of fat is being targeted during the treatment.

As your treatment day approaches, we’ll walk you through and prepare you for what to expect and we’ll address any concerns that you might have before your treatment.

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During Your Treatment

The appropriate applicator will be placed onto the targeted area according to your tailored treatment plan. As the technology only targets fat cells, be rest assured that the surrounding tissues will not be affected.

Relax and enjoy your treatment in our adjustable TEMPUR® bed while streaming your favourite Netflix shows.

Following that, a non-invasive shockwave therapy that uses low-energy acoustic wave pulsations will be administered onto the treated areas to break up the fat cells.

This process also helps to enhance circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage, which increases the elimination of destroyed fat cells.

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After Your Treatment

Your progress will be evaluated in a review session at the 60-day mark and subsequently at the 90-day mark where our Master Body Sculptor will assess your results.