Non Invasive Gynecomastia Reduction (Male Boobs)

Gynecomastia, also known as enlarged male breasts or man boobs, is swelling of the breast tissue in boys or men. This may be caused by hormones imbalance. While many people believe estrogen is a ‘female-only hormone, males produce it too.
The development of gynecomastia can take place when a man’s estrogen levels are higher than that of his testosterone levels. The increase in estrogen then results in the formation of excess fat or breast tissue in the chest.
Gynecomastia can also be caused by changes in the physique due to aging, especially former athletes. This condition can affect one or both breasts, and in some cases, the fat distribution could also be uneven. Although the condition is no cause for concern, it may be emotionally debilitating for many men.

Clinical Classification of Gynecomastia

Grade 1

This usually indicates a small breast enlargement with localized tissue around the surrounding nipple area (areola). Due to a slight swelling, the localized tissue will have a different colour from the breast tissue in the area.

Grade 2

Grade 2 gynecomastia has tissue growth that is broader than grade 1. It is defined as a mild to moderate enlargement of the breast that expands throughout the chest.

Grade 3

Grade 3 gynecomastia has excess skin around the areola and the breast tissue tends to appear droopy. The chest width has also expanded.

Grade 4

Grade 4 gynecomastia is the most severe sage where the breast tissue has expanded severely with a large amount of excess skin. The appearance of the chest also resembles the appearance of female breasts.

With the development of a new treatment, men are now able to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat without the need of going under the knife. CoolScupting or SculpSure, are non-surgical cosmetic procedures that use innovative technology to painlessly eliminate fat and improve skin laxity after the fat has been removed without the pain of surgery.

The procedure is comfortable, painless, and has almost no downtime, patients can sit back comfortably and even enjoy Netflix during their treatment process.

Am I the Right Candidate?

These non-invasive treatments work to only target subcutaneous fat that is resistant to exercise. In order to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the treatment, a detailed body assessment is required to determine the suitable type of fat removal modalities required for the patient.

The Process

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Dr. Kenneth Thean will begin by understanding your area of concern and fat reduction goals.

After a detailed body assessment is completed by our Body Sculptor, he will then evaluate and assess the suitable treatment plan for you and review the results you can expect from this procedure.

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Before Treatment

A detailed body assessment will be conducted by our Body Sculptor, taking into account your needs and goals.

  • InBody weight
  • Body fat analysis
  • Tape circumferential measurements
  • Caliper readings

The procedure’s framework will be assessed and marked on the targeted area(s).

As your treatment day approaches, we’ll walk you through and prepare you for what to expect and we’ll be available to address any concerns that you might have before your treatment.

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During Treatment

The appropriate applicator will be placed onto the targeted area according to your tailored treatment plan. As the technology only targets fat cells, you may be rest assured that the surrounding tissues will not be affected.

Relax and enjoy your treatment in our adjustable TEMPUR® bed while streaming your favourite Netflix shows.

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After Treatment

A non-invasive shockwave therapy that uses low-energy acoustic wave pulsations is applied onto the treated areas to break up the fat cells.

This process also helps to enhance circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage, which increases the elimination of destroyed fat cells.

Up to 25%* fat reduction can be seen 3 months after the treatment procedure