How to Get Rid of Love Handles Naturally

Love Handle Removal Treatments in Singapore

Fat on your hips and the side of your abdomen, also known as your flanks, or love handles, are usually trouble areas for many. The love handles and flanks are one of the last places from which you lose fat, even with diet and exercise.

Love handles are extremely common for both men and women. However, while these pockets of fat are stubborn and hard to get rid of, there are ways to get closer to the physique you desire without having to resort to surgery.

How to Get Rid of Love Handles without surgery in Singapore?

While there may be a plethora of exercises that claim to help you target and reduce your love handles, spot reduction is usually not possible with exercise and diet. You end up losing fat all over your body instead of just at a targeted spot.

Fat in the love handles can be stubborn and when exercise and dieting don’t work, here are the non-surgical love handle removal treatment available in Singapore:

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CoolSculpting® for Love Handle Removal

Also known as fat freezing, CoolSculpting uses Cryolipolysis to target and destroys the fat cells under the surface of the skin. In addition, CoolSculpting is able to remove 20 to 27%* of fat in a single treatment.

Depending on the size and volume of the fat present in the targeted area, there are a plethora of applicators that are available to accommodate every contour of the body accordingly.

Able to fit snugly into the contours, CoolCurve+ Advantage is therefore, able to pinpoint and target love handles, banana rolls, bra lines, and flanks.

  • Reduces the appearance of love handles
  • Targets hard-to-reach places and nicely shapes them

The CoolCurve Advantage Plus is the largest of all the CoolAdvantange applicators. The device targets larger body areas specifically.

  • Target stubborn fat areas in larger areas 
  • Increase the surface area treated in one session 

The CoolPetite Advantage is ideal for patients who have a smaller physique.

  • Targets small fat deposits specifically 
  • Also fits a wide range of body shapes, sizes, and areas 

SculpSure for Love Handle Removal

SculpSure is also a non-invasive treatment to reduce body fat. It uses laser lipolysis to destroy up to 24%* of fat cells in the treatment area, therefore it can reduce love handles. Love handles are treated with high temperatures to damage the structural integrity of fat cells.

Within 10 to 12 weeks, the damaged fat cells are eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system subsequently.

How Does It Work?

Applicators are placed on the love handles. The intense heat will alternate with a cooling sensation to calm your skin and ensure your comfort during the procedure as the laser heats up the fat cells in the love handles.

The fat under the skin is broken down at temperatures between 42°C and 47°C without damaging the nearby tissues. As laser thermolysis utilizes heat energy, it stimulates more collagen and elastin production. Hence, helping to firm and tighten up skin at the love handles as a result.


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SculpSure vs CoolSculpting for Love Handles Treatment

CoolSculpting and SculpSure are similar in that they target and destroy fat cells through lipolysis, causing the fat cells to die so they can be eliminated naturally.

However, here there are significant differences between both treatments. CoolSculpting uses advanced cooling technology to effectively freeze the fat cells to death, whereas SculpSure uses advanced laser technology that melts fat cells away.

Unlike CoolSculpting, SculpSure is also able to treat loose skin. The lasers induced by SculpSure are able to penetrate deep into the dermal layers of the skin. This stimulates collagen production and in turn tightens the surface of the skin, causing it to be more firm and toned.

Both methods are effective due to the fact that fat cells are more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations than surrounding tissue or skin – which causes no damage to the skin during treatment.

CoolSculpting SculpSure
FDA-Approved Yes Yes
Treatment Time 105 Mins 25 mins
Technology Cryolipolysis Laser Lipolysis
% of Fat Reduction 25 to 27%* 25%*
Temperature -10°C to -13°C 45°C to 47°C
Skin Tightening No Yes
Downtime No downtime No downtime
Treat non-pinchable Fat Yes Yes

The Best Candidates for Flanks and Love Handle Treatments

Our Master Body Sculptor will work with you during a consultation to make sure you’re a good candidate for treatment and that you know what to expect before and after your procedure.

Many patients get hip or love handle treatments in conjunction with other procedures. A detailed assessment can help you determine whether treating other areas (such as abdomen or back) is necessary to achieve your goals.

The best candidates for hip fat and love handles reduction treatments are people who are:

  • At a stable weight and committed to healthy lifestyle
  • Generally healthy
  • Unhappy with their current appearance and have enough fat on their hips or love handles to remove
  • Able to rest and recover after treatment

The Process to Get Rid of Love Handles

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Dr. Kenneth Thean will begin by understanding your area of concern and fat reduction goals.

After a detailed body assessment is completed by our Body Sculptor, he will then evaluate and assess the suitable treatment plan for you and review the results you can expect from this procedure.

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Before Treatment

A detailed body assessment for the muffin top will be conducted by our Body Sculptor, taking into account your needs and goals.

  • InBody weight
  • Body fat analysis
  • Tape circumferential measurements
  • Caliper readings

The procedure’s framework will be assessed and marked on the targeted area(s).

As your treatment day approaches, we’ll walk you through and prepare you for what to expect and we’ll be available to address any concerns that you might have before your treatment.

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During Treatment

The appropriate applicator will be placed onto the targeted area according to your tailored treatment plan. As the technology only targets fat cells, you may rest assured that the surrounding tissues will not be affected for your flank treatment.

Relax and enjoy your treatment in our adjustable TEMPUR® bed while streaming your favourite Netflix shows.

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After Treatment

A non-invasive shockwave therapy that uses low-energy acoustic wave pulsations is applied onto the treated areas to break up the fat cells.

This process also helps to enhance circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage, which increases the elimination of destroyed fat cells.

Up to 25%* fat reduction can be seen 3 months after the treatment procedure

*Note that while these results are typical, they can still vary from person to person.

Love Handles FAQ

The number of sessions will only be advised after assessing the size and extent of fat deposits in the target area, as well as taking into account your individual needs and goals. For CoolSculpting, unless advised otherwise, it usually only requires 1 session of around 45 minutes to treat the targeted area. For SculpSure, depending on the volume of fat deposit present, you might require around 1-2 sessions of 25 minutes each to observe substantial fat reduction in your love handles.

Both Coolsculpting as well as SculpSure are FDA-approved non-invasive procedures for fat removal treatments. Love handles, otherwise known as flanks, are also approved by the FDA to treat using CoolSculpting or SculpSure. Therefore, these treatments are safe and effective for removing your love handles. More than 8 million Coolsculpting treatments have been performed globally to date. Similarly, SculpSure is also a widely used treatment to get rid of love handles.

As CoolSculpting and SculpSure are both non-invasive aesthetic procedures, it means that incisions, surgery, and general anesthesia of any kind are not involved in the procedures to get rid of your love handles.

Over the course of the next few weeks post-treatment, the body will continue to eliminate the targeted fat cells through the body’s natural waste removal system. While this process takes place, the results will be increasingly evident over the weeks. For CoolSculpting, results tend to be more evident between 6 to 8 weeks, while in case of SculpSure, you will notice the love handles reducing in size from the 6th week onwards.

The fat removed via the CoolSculpting and SculpSure procedure is permanent. That said, maintenance is always advised post-treatment. The results remain as long as you maintain your weight through a healthy diet and keep up an active lifestyle.

There is no downtime at all for these non-invasive procedures. After undergoing treatment for your love handles, you can immediately get back to your work, play games, travel or go on shopping trips.

Since these are non-invasive procedures that do not involve surgery or incisions of any kind, you can resume your routine activities almost immediately unlike after a surgery. Do stay active and move your body frequently to reduce inflammation but do pace yourself to avoid overexertion. Your body will continue to eliminate the targeted fat through its natural waste disposal system over the course of the next few weeks but it should not interfere with any of your normal routine activities.

It is common to experience tenderness or swelling of the treated areas. However, do contact your doctor immediately if you suffer unnatural pain or discomfort. Drink adequate water to stay hydrated.

No, non-invasive procedures are not painful.

Since there is no surgery or bleeding involved, you might only have slight discomfort but not pain. During the CoolSculpting treatment, the numbness caused by ultra-low temperatures may cause a pinching and pulling sensation of the skin. Apart from this temporary and minor sensation, there is no pain associated with CoolSculpting. However, should the extremely cold temperatures be more than the skin can handle, CoolSculpting’s proprietary safety feature, Freeze Detect, will then be triggered which enables the machine to immediately cut off the treatment to prevent any freeze burn.

If you are undergoing SculpSure treatment, you are likely to intermittently experience a painless tingling sensation during the treatment.