Eliminate Saggy Arms, Back Fat and Bra Bulge, Non Surgically

As we age, our body fat tend to increase while our lean muscle gradually starts to decrease. With the lack of proper muscle utilisation, unhealthy eating habits and hormonal changes, fewer calories are burnt throughout the day. The lack of exercise and slower metabolism has resulted in skin laxity and small pocket of fat accumulated at areas such as the armpit and the back.

Arm, bra bulge (medically known as “axilla fat”) and back fat are one of the common problem areas especially for women due to the body fat distribution. As female tend store more body fat than men. Aside from liposuction surgery, you can now consider a less invasive option such as Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) or Laser Thermolysis (Fat Burning).

Depending on the types of fat, a detailed body assessment is required to determine the suitable type of fat reduction modalities to reduce the the unsightly bulge on the upper body.

The Process


Dr. Kenneth Thean will start by understanding your area of concern and fat reduction goals. After a detailed body assessment completed by our Body Specialist, he will evaluate and assess the suitable treatment plan for you and review what results you can expect from this procedure.

Before Treatment

A detailed body assessment will be conducted by our Body Specialist.

  • 360° 3D Imaging
  • 2D 6-position baseline
  • InBody weight
  • Body fat analysis
  • Tape circumferential measurements
  • Calliper readings

The procedure’s framework will be assessed and marked on the targeted area(s).

During Treatment

The appropriate applicator will be placed onto the area within the planned framework. As the technology only focuses on fat cells, the other tissues will not be affected. Relax and enjoy your treatment in our adjustable bed while streaming your favourite Netflix shows.

After Treatment

A non-invasive shockwave therapy that uses low energy acoustic wave pulsations is applied onto the treated areas to break up the fat cells. This process also helps to enhance circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage, which increases the elimination of destroyed fat cells.

Up to 25%* fat reduction can be seen 3 months after the treatment procedure