Uncovering The Science Behind Our Body

At Ensoul Body, we aim to provide you with information about your skin and body in a series of easy-to-understand videos. By understanding the science behind our bodies and technology, it give us knowledge to make informed decisions to fulfil our desired body goals.

Losing Stubborn Fats

There are several fat reduction options treatment that can safely, effectively and permanently destroy fat and medically sculpt your body. Watch and understand how fat cells affect our body shape and what types of fat reduction machines can help us achieve our body shape goals.

Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Most women struggle to lose the bulging tummy after childbirth despite their best efforts in exercising and dieting. With the aid of clinically proven FDA machines and an experience body specialist, you are able to restore your body composition after pregnancy.

Safe & Effective Methods To Eliminate
Arm, Back & Bra Fat

Fat Freezing machines allow for fat to be sucked up, reducing the circumference of the arm. While Laser Thermolysis machine helps to tighten the skin’s appearance. Other areas like the back and bra bulges can be targeted permanently by targeting them with the correct applicators. Contact for more information.

Fat Reduction for Men

Men tend to accumulate excess fat around the back, flanks and stomach area. Apart from exercising, dieting and improving lifestyle changes. Men can now consider non-invasive spot-reduction treatment to complement their exercise regime and achieve a flatter and toned body.

Cellulite Treatment Options

This common problem can be treated with a combination of modalities – laser thermolysis, microwave and shockwave machines that addresses issues with fibrous septa tissue, subcutaneous fat and skin quality to reduce the appearance of cellulite.